lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Benditos juegos de palabras!

-Let's see, what club should we hit first? There's club Was, there's Wrong...
-Those places shut down a long time ago.
-Oh no!
-Oh No shut down too.
-There's Where.
-Where's Where?
-Where's where Was was, isn't it?
-No, Was wasn't where Where was; Was was where Wrong was, right?
-Not Ok, that place is lame.
-Ok is lame? I thought Lame was a gay bar. Or is that Wrong?
-That's wrong, that's not Wrong.
-Guys, focus!
-I like Focus, let's go there!
-Not Where, Focus!
-I thought Focus was closed.
-No, Was was closed. Once Was shut down they reopened the Closed.
-The Closed is open?
-No, Closed is closed.
-I don't know! Third race, right?
-Dude, Third Race is all frat guys!
-I'll go anyplace, ok?
-Not Ok, Ok is lame!
-Ok is not Lame, Lame is a gay bar!
-Guys, shut up.
-No, Shut Up shut down.
I can't believe I don't know the clubs anymore!

-Guys, just pick a club, ok?
-Not Ok!
-Ok is lame, gay bar!
-...for the record, I was in there once by accident. I'm pretty sure it's pronounced "le men"
-It's hopeless, isn't it?

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